“Ready to cook our hearts out” | Team Grilled Chicken Pecs

Guess what?! Meal Madness Round 1 is today!

Team Grilled Chicken Pecs is competing tonight at Allison from 5-7pm. Here’s their bio:

(1) What are your majors?
Andre – Chemical Engineering
Yulun – Computer Science

(2) What interested you in cooking?
Both Yulun and I have loved to cook since we were little kids. I remember loving to wake up early to make my own crazy breakfast creations! For us, cooking is an art and a medium to express ourselves.

(3) What is your level of cooking experience?
We both consider ourselves intermediate/advanced cooks.

(4) What is your favorite food (to eat and/or to cook)?
We looove lamb and tender cuts of steak! I also love all types of seafood (salmon, sea bass, shrimp, lobster, scallions, octopus, mussels)….

(5) What is your cooking/food philosophy?
Modern plating and creative engineered takes on classics!

(6) How are you feeling about the competition?
Yulun and I are extremely excited about the competition and are ready to cook our hearts out!!

(7) Are you involved in any organizations on campus?
Andre – American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Hispanic Society of Professional Engineers
Yulun – Slivka Residential College, Hackathons

See you all tonight!


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