“Cook with joy” | Team Casual Cooks

We’re getting close to the big days! Today we introduce our third team in Meal Madness, Casual Cooks with Sam and Johnathan.

2016-01-11 18.21.14

(1) What are your majors?
Manufacturing and Design Engineering; Tuba Performance

(2) What interested you in cooking?
We both wanted to learn to cook our mothers’ recipes and make food that we can enjoy.

(3) What is your level of cooking experience?
We can make food that we enjoy. We’ve been independently cooking for about 3 years.

(4) What is your favorite food (to eat and/or to cook)?
Sam’s favorite food is steak, and Johnathan’s favorite is eggplant.

(5) What is your cooking/food philosophy?
“Cook with joy and eat with joy” – anonymous.

(6) How are you feeling about the competition?
Excited and nervous. Not sure what to expect.

(7) Are you involved in any organizations on campus?
Asian American InterVarsity (AAIV)


Come find Team Casual Cooks on Wednesday (1/20) @ Allison from 5 to 7pm!


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