Run Smart when you Run for Walk

The annual Run for Walk is quickly approaching! This year’s event will be held on Sunday, August 9th, on the Evanston campus.

Are you ready?! Here’s a tip you can use while training and on race day:

While training for and participating in Run for Walk, hydrate properly.

You will achieve the best success if you consume fluids throughout the day before Run for Walk and within one hour of the event on race day. (This goes for training days, too!) If you know it will take you one hour or less to complete the event, hydrate throughout your run or walk with water only. Sports drinks are good for exercise lasting longer than an hour or if you sweat excessively.

Continue to drink water and/or sports drinks following the event to replenish fluid and electrolyte losses.

Properly hydrating will give you better results and leave you feeling less drained when you cross the finish line, so run smart!


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