Green Office!

The Northwestern Dining Marketing Office is going GREEN! The office
that brought you Weigh the Waste, Taco Tuesdays, Beach Days, and more,
is working to make its operations more environmentally friendly.

giphy (5)
We’re making like this pug and recycling as much as we can!

Our office of 25 student interns and NU dining staff is collaborating
with the Northwestern Office of Sustainability to get Green Office
Certified.  We are working on seven different categories: energy,
waste, purchasing, water, travel, meetings and events, and engagement.
Each segment of the certification requires making small changes in the
way we work. We’re changing settings on our computers to save energy,
monitoring temperature more closely, and are recycling more.
Some of the changes we’re making in the office are affecting us in the
rest of our lives. We’ve found that there are lots of discounts
for Northwestern students and staff who are making more
environmentally friendly choices. For example, there are Ventra pass
discounts, ZipCar student prices, and cheaper rentals for Divvy bikes.

giphy (4)

We are joining Norris, the University Library, and many other departments in our green pursuit. These offices are setting an example for the rest of the University, encouraging others to follow.

The NU Dining Marketing Office is the office that comes up with the
special dining events. If everybody in the office is more
environmentally conscious, then the events they plan are created in a
greener manner. Environmentally friendly dining hall events might be
able to teach our fellow students something new about
environmentalism. We hope that the small steps we are taking in our
work place cause positive consequences for anyone who interacts with
NU Dining.

If you’re curious about Green Office Certification, check out the
Northwestern Office of Sustainability’s website:


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