Sustainable Seafood

You may have noticed what seemed to be more seafood than usual in the dining halls yesterday. The reason for that is because we’re celebrating. You know that we’re celebrating sustainability this month, but how does food really play into that? Specifically, how does seafood play a role? That’s right, this week we’re celebrating sustainable seafood and we’re here to help you figure out just what exactly that means.

Confused like Ryan Gosling? Read on.
Confused like Ryan Gosling? Read on.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood fisheries choose to target species of fish that are especially abundant. They target fish that they know will be able to reproduce quickly so as not to harm the natural population in any way. Truly sustainable Aquafarms also look to minimize their environmental impacts like pollution, disease, and anything else that could damage ocean ecosystems.


How can I know if my seafood at home is sustainable?

Good news for you, there is an entire website dedicated to helping you in this pursuit. Check out for easy to understand, up to date, and helpful facts and figures about the fish and fisheries that you should be buying from today.


Now that you know the fast facts, be sure to enjoy sustainable seafood in the dining halls for the rest of the week!


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