The Class of 2018’s Favorites

What’s your favorite food in your favorite dining hall? The class of 2018 weighs in. Agree? Disagree? Comment below!


“The days when they have pulled pork and mac and cheese at the same time = heaven.” – Jacob

giphy (3)

“I would like to rave about the chocolate chip cookies in Allison…They’re that perfect mix between chewy and crunchy that is hard to find in a cookie. Every time Allison has them as a dessert option they disappear quickly because everyone loves them, so I make sure to grab multiple while I can.” – Helen

Some other Allison Favorites:

Jerk chicken

Mashed sweet potatoes


“Burritos in plex always make my day! choosing all the ingredients myself and then having it made right in front of me is the best – it’s like having a Chipotle on campus!” – Gaby

chicken burrito

“I have crossed out every ‘Wednesday’ on my calendar and replaced it with “Curryday.” This is because Plex serves Curry on Wednesdays and it is THE best. I have at LEAST two bowls for lunch and dinner! The worst is when it’s Curryday and Plex serves Pad Thai. Don’t get me wrong, the Pad Thai is okay, but it puts a serious dampening in my day when all I want is curry and I get that.” – Daniel


“THE VEGAN SIX BEAN SOUP. IT’S AMAZING. IT IS SO GOOD AND YUMMY AND HEALTHY! I’ve eaten it in both Allison and Willard. On Valentine’s Day, they had it at Allison and it was my Valentine”- Madeline

giphy (4)


Some Elder Favorites:

French Fries

french fries



Some Sargent Favorites are:

“The mac and cheese is amazing” – Ananya

Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Warm pita


Chicken Curry

Meat Lasagna


“The vegetarian sloppy joes are mighty fine. I’ve only ever seen them once, and it was at Hinman”- Rachel

Some other Hinman favorites are:

oreo streusel bars

French Onion Soup

giphy (4)


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