We here at NU Dining love food. We love good noodles and pasta. But, you know what else we love? MUSIC. And so, in possibly the best event in the history of ever, those two things have been combined to create:

Noodlepalooza Logo

This exciting news for your ears and your taste-buds is coming to you from February 9th to 13th. You can celebrate with us in any dining hall or in Norris. But BIG NEWS: If you attend our lunch time VIP Parties, you will be entered to win a pair of Lollapalooza weekend passes! Wondering exactly where you have to go? We’re laying it out simply below so you can plan this next week’s lunches accordingly. See you there

Rock and Roll Monday

giphy (7)

VIP Party at Hinman

Country Tuesday


VIP Party at Willard

Hip Hop Wednesday


VIP Party at Sargent

EDM Thursday

giphy (8)

VIP Party at Allison

Flashback Friday


VIP Party at Plex

We can’t wait to celebrate Noodlepalooza with you! Remember to attend the VIP events to be entered to win tickets!


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