The NU Dining Guide to Your Best Valentine’s Day EVER

Does it feel like the world is in love giphy (1) But you’re over here like giphy (2) this Valentines Day? Let us help. NU Dining has got the answers for every day this week.

1. Monday: Start off your Valentine’s Day week with the truest form of love there is: reality TV. Specifically, The Bachelor. That’s right! Monday 2/9 you are invited to come Watch the Bachelor with Northwestern Dining in Plex West! It will be a night to remember!  See you at 7? Check out the Facebook event for the details. 41aBltUpF+L._SX940_

2. Tuesday:

Who said that your Valentine has to be romantic? This is a great week to do something to celebrate the amazing friendships in your life. Do a fun gift exchange, take the time out of your busy schedules to catch up, even if it’s just for Norbucks one afternoon, or some late night Lisa’s. OR make yourself some new friends! Head over to Willard for dinner on Tuesday 2/9 for speed friending! It’s fast, it’s easy, and there’s no awkward pressure of speed dating or a first date!

Make friends like this:

giphy (3)

3. Wednesday – Friday

Remember in elementary school when everyone brought in Valentines and candy for each other? Bring that feeling back by decorating cards for all your pals. Stop by Sargent or Allison Wednesday through Friday of this week and make your own Valentines!

Check out these cute cards for inspiration:

4. Saturday:

Take a date, a friend, or a family member to a fun and delicious meal, right on campus. Cookology NU is making a fancy dinner in Willard on Saturday (2/14). Check out prices and information on how to RSVP below:

giphy (4)

All in all, we know that being single this week can be terrible. Another thing we know? We here at NU Dining are here for you. Every day. We’ve got you.


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