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If you had a huge kitchen in your dorm room, expert culinary skills, and the perfect home-style recipe at your finger tips, what would you do? Cook it, of course. Eat it, of course. Enjoy it, OF COURSE!  Our question: What would you make and how can we make it?

Would you make you dad’s famous ribs and mac n cheese?


Your grandma’s vegetable soup?


Your mom’s creamy chicken pasta?


The curry that only your sister has perfected making?


Or something else? Go ahead, give the NU community a taste of your kitchen. Submit your recipe to and be sure to include your name, contact information, recipe and a little bit on why it’s your favorite.

Do it quickly! Deadline for submissions is January 31st.

Need more convincing? Here’s a word from Julianne Lang, one of the two lovely ladies that founded this competition:

We first came up with the idea while working on a secret menu campaign, and we thought about how fun it would be if the students got to just come up with their own secret menu. I always see my friends experimenting with different dining hall foods to put their own twist on it. There’s no reason not to submit. Not only do you have a chance at getting your special meal made in dining halls, but also you can reminisce while you copy down your recipe and share it with others.”



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