NU Dining Helps You Make Money for Your Student Group!

Want to make money for your student group, but don’t have the time to read the Nonprofit Group handbook? NU Dining has the fast facts for how to make money by working concessions. Please, hold your applause.


1. First things first, groups are required to sign on for ALL NU Football home games and attend an orientation/ training.


2. You’ve got to all be 18 (or if there are people 16 and under in your group, you need a ratio of 1 adult per 3 under 16’s)


3. Your group will make 9% of the Net Sales which basically means the total sold without the 9% tax.

4. The positions you could have are:

    • Stand Worker:  provide the means of preparing, displaying, and serving food, and the collecting of money from the sale of product.
    • Stand Leader: provide a leader for the people working in the stand. Should be certified food handler and know the proper handling of hot and cold food
    • Area Supervisor: acting manager for a specific area. Gets a runner and/or communication device. Checks ice supply, making sure that the soda systems are iced and working properly. Authorize requisitions required from the warehouse. Furnish supervisor’s report.

5. The best part of any job, the uniform:

Uniforms: supplied by Sodexo, consists of a shirt, hat (hair restraint required by the Health Department), and apron for each worker. No short pants or jeans. Wear appropriate footwear. No open-toed shoes.

6. You will learn how to best stay safe and keep your customers happy at your training session! Have fun! Support your group while supporting our school. Go ‘Cats!

download (1)

Please contact Roseanne Ballard, Sodexo’s Non-Profit Organization Coordinator, at either (708-670-2457) or She will be able to provide you with more information including available dates. She will also then set you up if you choose to move forward with this.


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