Team Munchlax dishes about their cooking faves and fears before tonight’s competition

In our anticipation of tonight’s Meal Madness match-up, we caught up with Team Munchlax, or the Yellow Team. Teammates Allison Lu and Sarah Shi are both freshmen. Lu is majoring in economics and is a member of Cookology, while Shi studies political science and contributes to North by Northwestern. Both are members of the Institute for Student Business Education (ISBE).

Sarah Shi, WCAS '18
Sarah Shi, WCAS ’18
Allison Lu, WCAS '18
Allison Lu, WCAS ’18

Northwestern Dining: What cooking memory stands out to you?

Allison: My best cooking experience was making a Chinese-American fusion meal with my grandma. She told me a lot of stories behind certain dishes, and it turned out surprisingly delicious.

Sarah: My first cooking memory is making chicken pot pie with my mom.

ND: What do you love most about cooking?

AL: I love to cook because it allows me to be creative with food. Food already tastes great, but it’s even better when it looks good, too

SS: It’s always fun to create something new, and it’s a stress reliever.

ND: What’s your favorite thing to cook?

AL: My favorite thing to cook isn’t really cooking—I like mixing drinks. My favorite drink to make is the melon daquiri.

SS: Baked salmon and asparagus.

ND: What about Meal Madness are you most excited for?

AL:  I’m super excited to cook—honestly, I haven’t been able to cook much after I got here, and I kind of miss it.

SS: Trying out a variety of food.

ND: What are you most nervous for?

AL: I’m nervous about the competition! There are probably a lot of really good cooks at Northwestern.

SS: Making sure what we make tastes good!


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