Profile of champions: Meal Madness’ Blue Team, the first victors

Meal Madness kicked off Tuesday evening with a showdown between the Orange Team, consisting of seniors Jasmine Jor and Oriana Chu, and the Blue Team, made up of freshmen Phillip Choi and Garrett Thomas.

Northwestern Dining talked to Choi, a viola performance major, and Thomas, a trumpet performance major, before their Tuesday night victory.

Phillip and Garrett

Northwestern Dining: What’s your favorite cooking memory?

Phillip: I worked as a prep chef over the summer and I learned new cooking techniques. Itgot me interested in cooking in general.

Garrett: One time I made Mac n Cheese using Ramen noodles and even one of the beef flavoring packets… It was amazing.

ND: Why do you enjoy cooking?

PC: Everybody loves food, and if it’s prepared well everyone has a good time.

GT: It’s just fun and so much more rewarding to make your own food and/or to watch people enjoy what you made.

ND: What’s your favorite thing to cook?

PC: I love to make pasta.

GT:  I definitely enjoy grilling, but I don’t think I have a specific favorite dish to make.

ND: What are you most excited for with Meal Madness?

PC: Getting legitimate kitchen tools to cook.

GT: I’m most excited to cook with Phil, since over the summer he worked in a really high intensity kitchen, and I’m excited to see what that’s going to be like.

ND: What are you most nervous for?

PC: I’m worried about how many people we have to serve.

GT: I’m most nervous about what the competition will be like.

Congrats to Phillip and Garrett! Join us for our next competition Thursday night at Sargent, where the Yellow, Black and Green Teams will go head to head.


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