5 Reasons You Should Hang at Lisa’s

  1. Perfect Space for Studying – Rain or Shine

Lisa provides all students with the opportunity to study in a place that has windows for walls! You get the warmth of being inside, but the aesthetic benefits of being outside.


  1. Take a Break from the Dining Halls

Lisa’s presents a perfect outlet for all students to take the occasional break from the Dining Halls that they see every day. With food made fresh and bundled for $5 during breakfast hours and $7 at lunch, and the option of using Cat Cash or Equivalency meals,  Lisa’s is the perfect place to add a little variety to your weekly schedule.



  1. Perfect Quick-Stop-Shop

Lisa’s is versed in the art of serving those who are hungry and in a hurry. With Simply-To-Go salads, sandwiches, and wraps, you can be in, out and nourished in no time at all.

too go

  1. Now Open Until 3am!

Need a Red Bull and a perfect place to study at 3am? Well I guess we should be lucky that we have Lisa’s!


  1. Starbucks Sold!!

No need to make the trek to Norris every time a craving for Starbucks kicks in!
Open everyday at 8 am for a perfectly convenient breakfast, have your coffee cravings satisfied at any time of day.



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