Eat Local: A trip to Garwood Orchards

As a twenty year old college student from the suburbs, I’ve never really gotten to experience what goes into running a farm.

A couple weeks ago, as an intern at Northwestern Dining, I had the opportunity to go see Garwoods Orchards, which grows a lot of produce for suppliers that support companies like Sodexo. We had an amazing trip to Indiana and got to see the behind the scenes work on the farm, which consists of over 400 acres.

We took a tractor ride around the farm and got to see all of the crops, including peppers, corn, apples, and more. The owners told us about the crops they had lost and which ones were doing well this year (apparently it was a bad winter for peaches) and we even got to see some new harvesting machines in action. We watched as they cultivated the corn and we saw many workers maintaining and working on planting more crops and picking them. After they pick the crops, they bring them to warehouses down the road, where we had the opportunity to see how they were washed and boxed, and then stored in a very large, very cold room.

They’ve got a small store right on site, and apple picking in the fall! This farm continues to grow, and has been family owned since 1831 (six generations!). It was exciting to see the very first stages of where our local produce comes from and meet the people behind it- And eat some great samples too!

Written by: Tori Garofalo

Marketing Intern for Northwestern Dining


Tiffany Sevilla, Sustainability Intern and Tori Garofalo, Marketing Intern


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