Tour of Pork: An homage to the hog



From November 4th through the 8th, NUCuisine presented the Tour of Pork, a week-long event highlighting the diversity of pork dishes from around the world. The event took place at Norris and various dining halls across campus, allowing students, staff, and faculty to experience scrumptious flavors and cultures while remaining in the comfort of their favorite dining location.

The event was the result of many months of planning, by NUCuisine administration and the talented chefs across campus. After developing the idea, NUCuisine gave their chefs the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen. The chefs then began experimenting and planning unique meals, excited to give the Northwestern community an opportunity to sample a wide variety of delicious pork creations. After weeks of preparation, Tour of Pork was ready for its unveiling, beginning at Allison dining hall.

The tour kicked off with an old favorite: breakfast for dinner. The meal featured sausage and enough bacon to satisfy any breakfast lover’s fantasy. The festivities continued Tuesday at Sargent, where Chris Studtmann, executive chef covering north campus oversaw the preparation of Báhn Mì, a Vietnamese sandwich, and Pork Noodle Soup. It was Hinman’s turn on Wednesday, dishing out pork with a European flair and on Thursday students flocked to Willie’s Food Court in the Norris Center to get their hands on local pork from Indiana. Not to be outdone, the event closed on Friday with different types of tasty barbecue at Plex.

While the event served up a fun theme, it also has larger implications for NUCuisine and Northwestern. The locally sourced pork reflects NUCuisine’s substantial push to feature local and sustainable foods on a regular basis. Tour of Pork, a food focused event, also showcased the culinary talent across campus, demonstrating the level of independence, inspiration and resourcefulness that is necessary to keep students and all of Northwestern fully satisfied throughout the year. “We believe events such as Tour of Pork encompass creativity, sustainability and most importantly, great food,” said NUCuisine marketing manager Jason Sophian, “It is exactly the direction we intend on taking for our dining program as a whole.”

Although Tour of Pork has come to a close, the legacy lives on through the adorable little pigs that decorated each of its stops throughout the week. “So many of my friends have those little pig stickers on their doors,” said freshman Kenzie Carnow, of the even’ts logo. “Who knew a pig on a bike could be so cute?”

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Article by: Maya Voelk, Sophomore, Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing


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