A Wildcat Welcome Story: NUCuisine Catering fuels the Class of 2017



The beginning of fall quarter calls for celebration, and celebrations call for lots and lots of food. Wildcat Welcome, arguably the busiest week of the year for the catering team, ushered in over 2,000 eager, excited and very hungry freshman. This year, along with the usual food events, NUCuisine took on an entirely new Wildcat Welcome project: feeding lunch to 2,400 students and staff at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

“It was an amazing event,” said Grace Everett the director of catering sales for NUCuisine. “It took an overwhelming amount of organization and coordination and everyone really had to pull together.” 

Coca-Cola provided the students with refreshing beverages, while Everett and the rest of the catering team focused on the food preparation. The event included five different kinds of boxed lunches, including gluten-free, vegetarian and other dietary specifications, all of which NUCuisine was happy to accommodate and prepare.

“We did round-the-clock sandwich making for about two days,” said Everett. “This included employees from all six of our resident dining units assisting in the process. Everyone chipped in, which really made a difference.”

On top of the food preparation, Everett and the team orchestrated the behind-the-scenes coordination of all the meals. Several vans and two large trucks hauled the food from Evanston to Chicago, all while keeping the food fresh and ready to serve on time.  Add on loading and unloading the food, arranging the tables and staffing the event and it’s safe to say the team had their plates full.
Throughout the entire week, the NUCuisine catering team successfully pulled off a total of 77 events. They logged a total of 1,103 miles on the NUCuisine Catering truck over the span of Wildcat Welcome and used enough linen and skirting to total 2,934 feet. “This year’s Wildcat Welcome was certainly busier than last year’s,” said Everett. “The additional events were a huge learning experience for us. And we can’t wait to do it again next year.” 

NUCuisine Catering is putting on a Showcase on October 30th! For information on the showcase including how you can attend please email Grace Everett, director of catering sales at: graziella.everett@sodexo.com

For information on how NUCuisine Catering can assist in making your next catered event an experience to remember visit www.nucuisine.com/catering

For updates on NUCuisine and additional information, follow NUCuisine on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more about Munch Money and the WildCat Meal Pack.

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