nuCuisine and sustainNu help make the Bike Commuter Challenge an overwhelming success

                Image                 On June 12, the city of Evanston and the Northwestern Office of Sustainability, sustainNU hosted a pit stop for the Bike Commuter Challenge which encourages people to bike to work at least once during the week.    At the Northwestern stop, riders were able to receive a free safety check and air for their tires from a bike mechanic.  Riders were also treated to Peanut Butter Energy Bars, courtesy of nuCuisine.

                This year’s event had 434 teams and a total of 5,277 participants, the second highest of all time.  The team with the most participants, total commutes and total miles – Northwestern University of course.

                Check out nuCuisine’s Peanut Butter Energy Bars recipe:

                What you’ll need:

                ½ cup of dry roasted salted peanuts

                ½ cup of roasted sunflower seeds

                2 cups of dried chopped fruit

                2 cups of rolled oats

                2 cups of Rice Krispies

                ½ cup of creamy peanut butter

                ½ cup of packed brown sugar

                ½ cup of light corn syrup or honey

                1 teaspoon of vanilla extract



                Coat a pan with cooking spray

                Combine the peanuts, seeds, dried fruit, oats and rice krispies into a bowl

                Combine peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup in a bowl and warm over a double broiler until everything has combined

                Add vanilla, and pour over dried ingredients and stir until mixed

                Add to the pan and press down, let it stand for an hour to harden then cut into bars and enjoy!


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