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Welcome to Food in the News, where each week we aggregate the most interesting food-related stories in the media and bring them to you. If you see something that peaks your interest, please email Christine at Here at nuCuisine, we’re obsessed with food, so we hope you’ll join us and share our obsession.


NASA funds research for 3D pizza printer

It’s over. It’s finished.   It’s done.   You can all go home now.   NASA is funding research into a 3D pizza printer.   That’s right, a 3D pizza printer, one more time, a 3D pizza printer.  The space program is funneling $125,000 to an outside contractor to build a prototype of the printer, which instead of ink will use “basic building blocks” of food in powder cartridges.   These basic ingredients would then be mixed and customized to make a variety of foods.   The contractor has apparently already used a prototype to print chocolate successfully.   Eventually, NASA scientists hope to use the system to provide food for astronauts during long-distance space missions, with the cartridges having a life-span of 30 years. Finally, our wildest dreams are coming true.

Read about how the 3D printers could end world hunger here.

McDonald’s salads fail to bring in customers

Fast-food giant McDonald’s tearfully admits a secret the world already knew.   Its salads only make up 2 to 3 percent of McDonald’s sales in the U.S. While the chain has recently attempted to expand its market to younger consumers looking for more nutritious options, it has had little success.   McDonald’s has faced an uphill battle trying to persuade customers to consider its “healthier” options.   McDonald’s has already dropped its Fruit and Walnut salads and has considered chopping the Caesar salad from the menu as well.   In an interview, McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson said the company may scale back its advertising on salads to push the traditional hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. Sad, but not surprising.   Breaking news: Most people drink water sometimes.

Read more about the chain’s struggles here.
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Taste of Chicago 2013 brings food and music

Those of you staying in the city over the summer may want to mark your calendars for this fun event, which draws more than three million foodies each year.   The 33rd annual Taste of Chicago, the city’s premier outdoor food and music festival will be held July 10 to July 14 in Grant Park, showcasing more than 70 dining options each day.   New York-based indie pop band, Fun., will headline and other artists in the line-up include: Jill Scott, Robert Plant, Robin Thicke and Estelle.   In contrast to previous festivals, this year’s Taste has invited food trucks to cater evening concerts.   Our mouths are already watering just thinking about all the food.   With hundreds of vendors, hopefully you’ll find something to suit your taste buds.

Get more information here.

KFC adds Deep Fried Cheesy Shrimp Pasta to its Singapore menu

Oh boy, it’ s like a Texas state fair in here.   There seems to be something about the summer months that just compels people to deep fry everything in sight, KFC execs not excluded.   KFC Singapore just unveiled its latest menu option, Deep Fried Cheesy Shrimp Pasta, which is essentially a cylindrical-shaped heart attack.   The newest addition is just what it sounds like: pieces of shrimp, pasta and cheese rolled up, dipped in batter and deep fried.   Apparently shrimp is a big thing in Singapore, with KFC offering similar options in 2008 and 2011 with their Pasta Shrimp Cheez and Pasta Shrimp Snacker.   Last year, they offered Shrimp Stars and Fish Donuts.   Although we like shrimp and deep-fried foods as much as the next person, let’s cross our fingers that this bizarre concoction says overseas.

See the original article here.



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