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Welcome to Food in the News, where each week we aggregate the most interesting food-related stories in the media and bring them to you. If you see something that peaks your interest, please email Christine at Here at nuCuisine, we’re obsessed with food, so we hope you’ll join us and share our obsession.


Mayor proposes nine new food truck dedicated parking spaces

If you fancy your food on-the-go, you’ll love this news.  Chicago may add nine food truck parking spaces if a proposal presented by Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wednesday is approved. The spaces, located in highly populated areas, would allow parking for up to two hours, bringing up Chicago’s number of dedicated foodtruck parking spaces to 30. These mobile kitchens are nothing new, having rolled into cities all over the country in recent years.  More than the typical baseball-game street-cart pretzel, food trucks have become a dining phenomenon, covering all kinds of culinary territory. Although the proposal is facing resistance from brick-and-mortar restaurant owners, it doesn’t look like food truck fever is going away any time soon.

Find out where the spaces are located here.

Burger King expands delivery service to three new cities, including Chicago

Add this to the list of reasons to never leave your apartment. Facing increasing competition from other fast food restaurants, Burger King is adding Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco to its list of cities with access to its delivery service. The burgeoning fast-food company announced Tuesday that 20 restaurants in the Chicago-area will participate, although it’s not clear if that includes Northwestern’s notorious 24-hour BK. Go on, we won’t judge you for that 2 a.m. fourth meal, as long as we see you in the morning at the dining hall to wash down that grease with some fresh fruit.

See the full story here.

Chicago area students participate in urban garden

Beginning this week, Chicago students will take their classroom to an urban garden in Hyde Park, where they will have lessons in growing fresh produce. The program, administered by the Chicago Botanic Garden, started as a collaboration with Dyett High School and functions as part of its plant science class. Students will learn how to compost, plant and harvest, producing fresh fruits and vegetables for a farmers market on the South Side. Dyett also has two bee hives from which students will clad themselves in bee suits and harvest fresh honey. Now if only there were a beekeeping class at Northwestern…

Read more on the garden here.


Investors increasingly buy into food start-ups

Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are funneling more and more money into food-related start-ups, according to this New York Times article. Addressing a number of issues like sustainability and public health, these new start-ups seek to harness technology to give people more access to food and in some cases, invent new foods. Investors put about $350 million into innovative food projects just last year.

Read more on the growing industry here.


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