Stop Eating While Studying


This stressful time of reading and finals week may cause many students to feel a sense of urgency to constantly cram for exams or pull all-nighters to finish papers.  Whether getting together with friends or studying alone, often study snacks are involved.  Of course, fueling one’s brain with nutrient rich snacks such as veggies and hummus, bean dip with whole grain pita, and fruit and yogurt is a great choice.  However, eating these delicious and energizing snacks should be enjoyed instead of mindlessly consumed.  When you feel hungry, put down the books and eat. As much as people may feel unproductive when choosing to eat without studying, people need breaks from work.  Likely, one will feel more energized if the brain was allowed to rest.  Here are some tips:

  • Plan meal dates with friends
  • If you are hungry, put your work away and enjoy your meal/snack
  • Do not bring snacks to study dates
  • Do not have food out while studying
  • Choose study locations that do not sell food
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water or tea
  • Take breaks every hour – set your phone alarm to go off each hour and then take a 5 – 10 minute break to:
    • Stretch
    • Go for a Walk
    • Clean Your Room
    • Do a Set of Laundry
    • Step Up and Down on Your Books
    • Dance
    • Play an Instrument
    • Do a Set of Jumping Jacks
    • Do a Plank to Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles
    • Call a friend

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